Friday, August 24, 2007

Roanhorse; G1 - Chapter 2

Da go Te'. Hello! It seems strange to be writing in the family journal. Father has passed away now. Here's a picture of him with one of the twins, who have now grown up a bit.

This is Gabriel.

Note from Arki: Omigod. What's wrong with her face?!?! Help! Please, oh, please, let her out-grow it. I'm guessing this is why people say BodyShop sims aren't very breedable.

And this is Gavin. We have got to do something about their hair and clothes.

Much better.

And a new outfit. She looks so cute - she just learned to walk.

And here's Gavin again - minus that hideous pink tuxedo. What Weatherly was thinking to dress him in that is beyond me. She says the hospital did it, but I don't know that I believe her. You'd think that would be a poor business decision on their part.

Jasmine loves the snow. She kept after me that she wanted to build a snowman, so here we are.

I think we stayed out a bit long, though. I always thought "turning blue" was an expression. Guess not.

Before I knew it, she grew into a teen.

Why do I feel like I need to get a baseball bat and a large dog?

And Gabby and Gavin grew up, as well.

From Arki: Thank god, she seems to have outgrown some of the ugly. Whew!

They'll be starting school soon - and they're already excited!

On a side-note, I keep seeing Billy. I haven't told Weatherly or anyone, but it's like he's trying to tell me something. I just wish I knew what.

But I went ahead and got that dog. I'm not sure how big she'll be, but the kids already love her. And that's really what it's all about.

Love and family and friends.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Interlude: Canopy Sim-Corp

Taking a brief leave-of-absence from Cherokee Harbor, let's check in at Canopy Sim-Corp.

"So, tell me, how is the project going?"

"Well, good and bad. The good news is that most of the studies are coming along nicely. Also, The community is now self-sufficient and we're even beginning to recoup some of our initial investment."

"Excellent! So, what is the bad news?"

"Well, it seems that Agsded has lost nearly a week's worth of surveillance footage and photos."

"What! How? And what steps have been taken to correct his incompetency?"

"Nothing's been done."

"Oh? And why not?"

"You should know that I don't tolerate failure. In this case, I believe that he wasn't responsible. And we may have just had a boon fall into our laps."


"Would you believe that the lover of the YP-890 subject was kidnapped by aliens?"

"I don't find that amusing."

"And I don't joke about business. It's actually rather strange. Agsded says she is strongly resisting the drug. He had her almost to the breaking point - she was standing over him while he slept with a knife in her hand. Suddenly, she stopped."

"Really? Do we know why?"

"No. We suspect that Billy Roanhorse has been helping her somehow. You know he's considered a medicine man? Well, was - he expired during the time frame in question."


"Yes, it is. At any rate, the day after the failed attempt with the test subject, her lover was outside star gazing. Suddenly, a flying saucer appeared and used a tractor beam device to bring him into the ship."

"Interesting. We knew there were life forms out there, but to have this much proof... Are we running a battery of tests to see what how the abduction has affected him?"

"Yes. And get this..."

"He's pregnant."

"Oh, that's rich! Seriously?"

"Seriously. He'll have full pre-natal care. And when the child is born, we will be able to take blood and DNA for testing."

"Excellent. What about the testing for YP-890?"

"Under the circumstances, I think it best we halt testing. We can choose a new test subject later, if we decide to explore that again."

"I'll leave you to it, then. Keep me apprised."

"You know it."

Later that day:

"You have your directions. Halt all work on YP-890. We want nothing to interfere with the development of this child."

"I don't care what you think, Agsded."

"We have conferred, and that is our decision. You aren't questioning that decision, are you?"

"I thought not. I expect a full report next week. We'll also send a crew out to repair the surveillance network and create a new back-up system. I don't want another loss of data should the UFO come back."

"As for the other - you understand what I require of you? Do not fail me in this. It wouldn't be a wise career move."

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ackart; G1

This family has been cloned from elvish DNA that Canopy found in some ruins. They are not aware of that fact. Full bio-readings will be maintained on them to see if the elvish DNA makes any difference aside from appearance. - R.A.

New beginnings. Always a good thing. My name is Cynthia Ackart. I am the proud mother of three children. My husband, unfortunately, is dead. My children keep me pretty busy, though.

Nathan and Cybil are my oldest - they're fraternal twins. Thaddeus is the littlest one. This is our new home. There was a contest being held by a company that bought up some land to start one of those corporate communities. Cybil's been a bit wild since her father passed, so I thought a change would be good. And, amazingly, we won!

Here's a better shot of us standing outside on the day we arrived. Everyone's a bit scared, but excited.

Almost immediately we had visitors. It's nice to see that everyone is so friendly, here. It's a nice change.

Or maybe they just want our food. Kylie is another contest winner, so we have something in common with her. The other two people are new in town, as well, but they didn't win anything.

One of the neighbors brought their cat, Skye, along. Seeing Cybil with Skye got me to thinking. Maybe getting a pet would be a good idea. It will probably help the kids adjust.

Cybil's a good kid. She's just a bit lost. I think she's not real sure how to handle everything. I miss... *sigh* I will NOT cry. Not any more. I've got to move forward.

Ah, here's the officer from the animal shelter!

We got this little guy, and Nathan decided to name him Ares.

Even Thaddeus thinks having a puppy is a good idea.

Thaddeus is growing like a weed. Here's a picture of him learning to walk.

And bed time. Night-night, sweet boy.

Nathan got a job.

And some new friends.

I don't think this particular friend is a good influence. Grrrr.

More pictures of home life.

Cybil's taken to Ares quite a bit. he's a sweet puppy. And growing like a weed.

Nathan is such a good kid. Thaddeus loves his older brother.

The kids and I try to have at least one a meal a day together. I'm going to have to start work soon. I worry about leaving the kids by themselves. Surely it'll be okay, though.

Sure it will. Here we see Cybil slinking around the house after everyone is asleep.

Doing what?

Ah, yes, sneaking out with the "bad influence".

I'm surprised she's able to stay awake - surveillance shows her returning just before sun-up. Ah, the little dramas of domestic life. - R.A.

Well, I managed to find a job. Thank god!

And Thaddeus had a birthday.

He's going to be a heart-breaker in a few years.

Thaddeus isn't the only one who had a birthday. Ares grew up, too. My god. They told us at the pound that he was a small dog! And what is he? I've never seen those markings before. I know - he's a pony.

Between Cybil and Nathan there are always got people over. The kids are usually good about getting their homework done, though. And Nathan can't dance.

Ares is just a big goof. And he adores Thaddeus.

Thaddeus wants to be an animal trainer when he grows up.

Cybil met a boy. Evidently it's getting serious. I didn't find out about this for a while, but he's been coming by the house after school.

At least he's not the bad apple that other kid is.

But, we do have a different problem.

Evidently, Cybil decided to meet him in her pajamas! And stayed in them all day! Which isn't good when you have fair skin. Plus for other reasons. I don't know WHAT she was thinking. But the repercussions weren't pretty.

I don't think I've ever seen burns like this.

Angry and painful looking. I helped her get in a cool bath and spread Aloe over the burns.

She's going to have to stay home from school a couple of days - she's running a fever and can hardly move.

I guess I knew it was going to come to this.
"Cybil, honey, we need to talk..."